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A short kinetic novel made by Lily. While waiting for her customer, Nah reads a book about a certain tragedy that takes place in the distance past which may or may not have happened. Considered a prequel to “Sapphire Tear” though not necessary to read since it only features Gertrude.

New thread for “The [XXX] Tragedy”!

Ahh! I’m not dead already! I’m still here! Lately, I’ve been sick with a cold and I’m trying so hard to come up with something new to talk about in regards to my visual novels! I mean, I’m working on my script (that’s not something anyone should worry about) but I’m also trying to decide what kind of music to use for the game as well.

You see, I really want to try to finish this in one month, a simple challenge for a first visual kinetic novel, right? Well, I finally posted the thread on Lemma Soft Forums. I wasn’t sure if I should but it’s probably best if I want anyone to look at it, right? HAHA!

Anyway, here’s some information in case it gets eaten up by the servers or something:

The plot:

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Gertrude. She attended an academy in a world where the only practitioners of magic, particularly Healing Magic, is only done by the nuns. Despite that, she has worked hard to earn the grades and to gain a proper education in the Goldmoon Academy in Goldmoon Heights.

Soon, a series of mysterious kidnappings occur in the Academy happen just as quickly as the paranoia of a member of royalty comes to visit the Academy. Why are these young girls being kidnapped? Who’s doing these treacherous deeds? What are they doing to the girls? What does Gertrude have anything to do it?

The only answer Gertrude has to these series of questions is the fact that her best friend, Charlotte, has gone missing. The only other ally she has is her outspoken, foul-mouthed mentor – Professor Rosemary.

The characters:

  • Natsumi (age 29)
    A delivery woman who shows up in the prologue and epilogue. Originally, she wanted to become a punk rock singer but finally realized that she is not only tone-deaf but can’t actually play the guitar very well. Loud, abrasive, and easily annoyed, Natsumi isn’t known to be a lover of books, much less reading them; yet she takes an interest in this one…
  • Gertrude (age 13)
    A student of Goldmoon Academy as well as the protagonist of this story. On paper, she is learning Healing Magic to become a nun but in reality, she’s learning magic so she can be equipped to help people in her town of Brighthollow. She has an older sister named Monica and looks up to her a lot. Quiet, ambitious, and cheerful, she gets along with most people and doesn’t really do anything to stand out on her own.
  • Charlotte (age 12)
    A student of Goldmoon Academy. On paper, she is learning Magic to become a nun. In reality, she detests Healing Magic and is interested in morbid things, especially in the Dark Arts. Introverted, gloomy, and a little arrogant, it’s hard for other people to understand her. She excels in potions and Gertrude often goes to her for help when it comes to potions or anything that surrounds it.
  • Professor Rosemary (age 36)
    A professor at Goldmoon Academy. On paper, she’s a trained nun dedicated to teaching young women of the next generation how to become the best nuns for Lightlea as can be. In reality, she’s anything but holy. Loud, outspoken, foul-mouthed, she literally doesn’t care who you are – if you do her or anyone she cares about wrong, she’ll let you know. This usually gets her in trouble with the Headmaster but he doesn’t fire her simply because one fired professor is enough – especially with the secrets the Academy carries.

    …along with many more characters

Right now, I’m just a little scared on how people would react to the story and the characters (especially since I don’t have any portraits up yet). Hopefully, though, with the amount of time I’ve been getting lately at work, lets hope this can be a possibility! I have confidence in myself!

… I guess my next worry is: is anyone going to even read it?