Collaboration & Contact


If you would like to collaborate, feel free to send me a PM to my Ren’Py account: nebulaway. Be sure to put in the subject “collaboration” one way or another; I’ll still read it, I just won’t be as quick about it. If you want to move forward, feel free to ask for my AIM or Skype so we could keep in contact.

Here are ways I can collaborate with you on your project.

  • Writer or Assistant Writer: If you’d like me to be a writer for your project, please keep contact with me with what you want and how you want to brainstorm. Honestly, brainstorming & coming up with ideas, or even expanding already formulated ideas, is really good exercise for my brain and my own creativity. I’m open to a lot of genres; although, while I would love to experience horror writing, I prefer to stay away from: rape, child molestation (unless it’s dire to the plot), & other themes I’m not comfortable with. Feel free to ask for writing samples.
  • Editor: I’ve beta’d for friends fanfiction, school & work essays, as well as applications to be an overseas English teacher. I may have to rewrite your words in order to be clearer in your story or dialogue and try to make it flow better.
  • Programmer: I have experience in HTML5 and a little bit of PHP. I also have experience in Python. I am familiar with Ren’Py’s programming language and enough to put the dialogue & images in the program itself. To see examples of my programming skills, please head over to the projects page.

If you feel that I can fit the bill for any of these positions, feel free to contact me and we shall discuss it!


If you wish to contact me, feel free to use any of these methods to get a hold of me. I will try to answer you as soon as I can. Be sure to be clear on what you need.

Please be patient for a response. While I am online all the time, I do have other responsibilities to attend to as well (such as work, sleep, etc). Thank you so much! Hope to hear from you soon!